What is a bullet journal?!

I am definitely not the originator of the bullet journal, but I know it’s what I’ve been wanting and needing in my life. If you are one that can’t seem to get organized, you may need the same!


You can find the original concept here → www.bulletjournal.com. It all originated from the genius mind of Ryder Carroll.


The Basics


  • Start out with an index. That way you can keep up with what pages are where and flip right to them… just like any book (though the index is in the front and not the back).


  • Calendars, calendars, calendars!!


    • Its up to you how you want to lay out the order of the book. I start out with a FUTURE LOG. That’s the big picture. Mine consists of the next half-year along with smaller boxes for the next YEAR. Seeing as I started mine in July 2016, my future log is August – December 2016 (a line for each day of the week), then 2017, a tiny box with a few lines for each month.


    • Then, you may want to have a “monthly spread” which is basically what a normal month calendar looks like. Monthly spreads vary from month to month based on what type of information you want to keep there. In my first, I had the 30 or 31 (or 28) day calendar, a month-long habit tracker, a daily-do’s section, and a goals list. You choose how you want to use this section, but normally, at the minimum, you want to add your events, birthdays, occasions, holidays, etc. to your calendar grid just like you would for any calendar. Click here for monthly spread inspiration. (See my monthly spreads here).


    • The weekly spread is like a monthly spread but smaller to include only 7 days. It has more details in it, but still the idea is to keep everything you NEED to do in short form (hence the name BULLET journaling). If you want to elaborate on whatever you put in short form, do it on the next page if you wish. (See my weekly spreads here).


    • The daily pages are even MORE detailed. These are more like journal pages that you think of when you think of a journal. Elaborate as much as you want. Draw whatever you want. Write whatever the heck you want. And format them however you want. Its up to you! (See some daily spread inspiration here).


  • Whatever else you may need! Here’s the section that is up to YOU! I’m constantly writing down ideas, notes, random thoughts, things to check out, etc. So now I can do it on separate pages of the book. I’ve listed some examples below of what pages you may put in your book, and I’d love to see whatever else you can come up with!


    • Fitness Monitor (steps, weight, workouts, etc.)
    • Habit tracker (these are super popular in the bullet journal world)
    • Reading List & progress of books you’re reading
    • TV Shows — Seasons & episodes you’ve watched
    • Budgeting or Saving
    • Bill Payments per month (or week, or year)
    • Favorite Quotes
    • Favorite Songs
    • Username/Password Log
    • Beauty product reviews
    • Food:
      • Meal plans
      • Meal trackers
      • Recipes
      • Grocery list
      • Pantry list
      • Calorie tracker
    • Podcasts (Favorites & listened to)
    • Movies (that you want to see or have seen and/or rankings)
    • Instagram or social media follower trackers
    • Pets (Shots record/Monthly medicines)
    • Packing list
    • Bucket list
    • Family tree
    • Websites/Tools to check out


For me, bullet journaling was what I’d been looking for:


  • A planner with EVERYTHING you need
  • A place to keep all of my ‘lists’ in one place
  • A calendar with future events / birthdays / holidays
  • A way to express myself, and make things look pretty


The bullet journal isn’t just one thing. It’s not a product you buy and become more productive. It’s WHATEVER you want it to be! YOU create it from scratch and you don’t have to worry about if it would be of any use to anyone else.


Personally, I’ve always been an avid list-maker, and I’ve had my times with all the to-do apps out there, tried to keep up with everything in Google sheets, written stuff down on random papers, and Evernote. It seems I’ve tried it all, but DUH…


It’s as simple as this. Keep it all in one place (a physical place). Keep it in a journal that you can take with you anywhere, and refer to it at any time you want.


I’ve started bulleteverything.com to share about “EVERYTHING Bullet Journal.” When I shared my first monthly spread in a Facebook group and on Instagram, I got all kinds of questions about measurements, pen choice, notebook size, etc. So I thought I would put all of those answers AND MORE here! I’ll share my spreads, and include PDF’s on how you can make your own (including measurements). The files can be found in the BLOG section of the site, but you must be a free member to view them. Register here!

So what are you waiting for?


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