Top 10 Weekly Spreads of 2016 from according to Google!
Top 10 Weekly Spreads of 2016
December 29, 2016
Bullet Journal Layout - December 2017: Spread template downloads, videos, and more at
Monthly Spread: January 2017
January 1, 2017

Weekly Spread: January 2-8, 2017

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread January 2-8, 2017. Spreads, downloads, PDFs, how-tos, and planner inspiration at

I’m so excited for this year, I think it’s going to be the BEST yet.

The weirdest thing happened to me last night. I have a giant full year 2016 calendar on the wall that I’ve had since about February or March. It’s right beside my bed, and honestly I hadn’t really touched it since about a week after I got it… but that’s not the point. Yesterday was New Years Day, and it decided to just fall off the wall.

On 1/1/17.

It wasn’t needed anymore, I guess…

And I swear it’s been firmly attached to that wall since I got it. It knew it had to go, I guess! BYE 2016!

Anyways, here’s my first weekly of the year! This week, I’m going from easy to more difficult spreads by the end of the month. They will all be available in the January bundle which will be available ASAP!!

About the Spread:

  • The weekly boxes for my to-do’s each day.
  • (NOW) This Week To-Do Box: To Do’s to get done this week, but not necessarily on a particular day.
  • (LATER) Next Week To-Do Box: To Do’s I need to do next week.
  • The box at the top right tracks:
    • My weekday Meal Plan on the top of the right hand page. This can be used for planning (at the beginning of the week) or tracking (at the end of the day).
    • S Water Intake tracker
    • (M) I’ve also added a mood tracker to be filled in at the end of the day with colors from my key.
    • (E) An Energy Level Tracker that I’ll graph my energy at the end of each day. I’ll use a color coded system, but you can also use a percentage.
  • The bottom right boxes can be whatever you’d like them to be, but I’m using:
    • The “Waiting On..” section a section I include every once in a while. Here I’ll keep up with packages arriving, phone calls or e-mails to be received, or anything else that I can’t take action on, but may need to keep in the back of my mind.
    • The Notes section to write whatever else I need to jot down during the week

Tools Used:

This is part of my January 2017 bundle which includes: 5 weekly spreads, 1 January monthly spread, a Blank Practice Bujo Spread AND a Meal Planner + Grocery List Bundle. These weeklies can be used any time of the year!

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