I’m open to working with you to create your dream layout and customize it to your own journal! I’ve worked to make a Couch to 5K spreads with several trackers, weekly work spreads, and to-do calendars.

I love coming up with new designs and catering to what you need or want. Two-page spreads¬†generally range from $15-$25 depending on the complexity. Once I’ve completed your layout, I’ll e-mail you the following:

  • An Excel file with your layout and measurements
  • A measurement PDF printable file (catered to your own notebook)
  • A filled in PDF version of what it should look like with text
  • A blank version with only layout lines that you can print yourself and use if you wish
  • If you need ANY changes, I am open to work with you on what else you may need

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What are you wanting me to create for you? Please be specific. I'll e-mail you with any questions and a price quote.