I’m Whitney, and I am a bullet journal addict!

Well…really I just discovered this little hobby / plan-your-life / creative outlet when I was stumbling through pages on StumbleUpon in July 2016. I wish I could find the article now, but I think I was a little too excited when I ran across it that I clicked through, read about it, then immediately ordered my supplies.

I feel like my life has been needing the bullet journal. I feel like I’ve been training for making this thing forever — I just never knew such a thing existed!

Let’s see:


  • I’ve always been a tracker… I check-in everywhere I go (thanks Swarm), I track my weight at least once a week, I save all of my tickets to anything, I collect brochures, menus, I track what food I eat (Foodspotting), and on and on…


  • When I was younger, I was into scrapbooking thanks to my grandmother and aunts. It helped me express my creative side, while preserving memories.


  • In high-school and through the beginning of college, I kept up with a calendar that I would write down whatever I did that day — and I even went as far as to color code it (food, events, birthdays, sports, fitness, school, etc..) Once smart phones were invented, I just converted to everything digital!


  • Also, I was a member of the yearbook staff in high school. I think this is where I get my “layout” knowledge from. I remember our teacher making sure we had no white space in the middle of our layouts, and this ALL comes together when I think of the creative layouts in my bullet journal.


  • I’ve pretty much always been a computer junkie… and Excel has been my best friend since I knew it existed. I’m a math and numbers person, so when I found out all it could do, I’ve been an Excel nerd ever since. I’ll use it for anything and everything. I still use Excel (or Google sheets) for a lot in life, and now, I use it to design my spreads.


  • Back in 2014, I started a food blog: That Square Plate. It helped me TRACK all the recipes I cooked, and keep them in one place, while satisfying my techie side, and building my own creative space online. But blogging takes a lot of work. And with my food-blogging, I felt like I had a never-ending to-do list. And I started trying new ways to keep up with everything, and getting a good schedule for blogging (since I have a full-time job + a younger brother I take care of..). It’s just hard to find the time.


So, in July, 2016, I discovered the BULLET JOURNAL: It’s got everything… A place to PLAN, a place to TRACK, a place to LIST, a place to DESIGN, and a place to CREATE. I started this website to introduce others to bullet journaling, share my own spreads with how-tos and measurements, and show off awesome spreads of other bullet journalers to give YOU inspiration to keep your life on track!


What’s bullet journaling?